A Way Forward…

Carpe diem. Together, we made history. Reflecting on this summer at camp, I am reminded that Blue Star always has been about the people and the multi-generational relationships that form through sharing the Summer Magic together.

During the first few days of super session I was buoyed by the unbridled laughter and joy expressed by so many campers doing the most natural and simple of camp activities with their cabin family units. Playing in the pool. Climbing the rock wall tower. Practicing martial arts and fine arts. Seeing how excited so many of our cohorts got when it was their turn to play on the inflatables on the lake and go tubing on the cable park filled us with joy. Every day campers had opportunities for freedom and wonder in the mountains.

Moreover, campers were connecting meaningfully with their old friends and re-learning how to build new friendships. They looked up to and learned from our staff who became their mentors, teachers and coaches.

We practiced being kind to each other and to the planet. Our Teen Village Green Team continued our recent tradition of creatively educating and modeling for our younger campers how to be kind to the planet. They doubled down on our compost (boom!) efforts and personally ensured that our recycle bins were out all around camp and being emptied properly. This summer so many of us found a bit more time to truly appreciate and be stewards of the natural world.

So much of our time together was a real life PSA for following evidence based public health protocols, making them fun and abiding by them to maximize our time together in our safe “bubble.” Senior Boy campers wrote, directed and starred in a Washy Washy video that became part of one of our Saturday BSC TV installments. We couldn’t get enough of the Washy Washy; for sure, our staff and campers will be returning home with a deeper appreciation for hand washing. In camp’s authentic way it became catchy, cool and fun.

The only way forward through this pandemic is to do the right thing individually in service of our larger community. Our staff and your campers, with your unconditional support, showed how that is possible. All of us took a leap of faith, like the one at our ropes course, and made a commitment to one another. We are indebted to our core values staff who banded together to make it all happen. We feel immense gratitude to our camp families for their trust in us and we look forward to all being back together again at Blue Star in Summer 2021. Together, we made history.

22 thoughts on “A Way Forward…

  1. I get tears in my eyes every time I think about what you all did to give our children this gift. Thank you forever!

    1. One of the most remarkable and courageous things I’ve encountered in 2020. Affording these campers with the experience of socialization, activity, and normalcy will prove to be so meaningful. Their overall mental health and understanding moving forward is priceless.

    2. You are all ROCKSTARS for making what we initially thought the impossible-POSSIBLE! Sky had her BEST summer ever in TV, still having meltdowns missing her friends and still telling tales! I am so grateful and impressed by the precautions and procedures put in place and successfully practiced. It truly was such a gift to all these kids (and their parents) to experience 4 miraculous weeks of normalcy in the middle of a time where it’s anything but. Forever grateful ❤️ Courtney & Sky Augusta

  2. As I read this email, the happiest tears are forming in my eyes. Blue Star managed to bring about some normalcy in a decidedly un-normal world. To say thank you is not enough. The endless amount of work that went into Super Session 2020 is unbelievable and the Weinberg family is forever grateful to everyone who made it happen. Alexis’s Teen Village summer was not typical but she came home beaming that it was the BEST. SUMMER. EVER. Emily’s senior girls summer was equally amazing and we are thrilled that they got this special month to be kids. THANK YOU BLUE STAR FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS. ♥️

  3. my grand daughters, Phoebe and Ellie Luscher, had the best summer ever. thank you for giving them the opportunity to be able to enjoy what being a young child is. i am forever grateful to you diligence and where with all. your parents and grandparents would be very proud!!!!

  4. The FLETCHER family is beyond grateful to the entire Blue Star team for making the summer so special…not only did you keep it safe, but also made it so much fun! Max had an amazing summer and we can’t thank you enough 💙

  5. The entire YAVNER FAMILY wants to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The thoughtfulness, dedication, love, energy, and work you ALL put into making Super Session happen is truly remarkable.
    We LOVE that our kids LOVE BSC! Thanks for making Rachel’s TV happen and your stuck with David for a bunch more!!

  6. The Schulze family is SO THANKFUL! We were, honestly, not sure at first. But we trusted you and as Lauren told me your “Herculean Effort.” We trusted you this summer, as we do EVERY summer. Annie did NOT want to leave. She said it was THE BEST SUMMER EVER. Getting 4 weeks of just being a kid was a true gift. We are so thankful for the time she got with her BSC Summer Sisters!! Thank you!!

  7. Seth – All of the Eisenman families had an amazing experience this summer. We’re so proud to be a part of the larger Blue Star family and we’re so happy for you & Lauren that this all came together the way it did. Kudos to you both for the bravery and courage that you showed this summer and for the true leadership that you showed in the face of adversity!

  8. As a parent who both worked at camp and had a TVer this summer, I am grateful and proud to have been part of this extraordinary experience. I am so happy we could give this “gift” to Nate and he has expressed enormous gratitude to have been allowed an opportunity to enjoy the magic Blue Star has to offer. The memories of this sometimes bizarre but always exciting summer will last Nate (and me!) a lifetime! xoxoxo

  9. Where can I start? A million thanks are not enough to thank every single member at Blue Star for a fantastic experience. We had our two boys there for super session and we could not be grateful enough, especially in the middle of this world pandemic. To hear the experiences our boys had, while the world outside camp was on pause is so comforting it was music for our hearts.
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU….. a million times, for letting our kids be kids, for letting them enjoy sports, fresh air, Jewish life and peace of mind.Which was a special treat during 2020. We are looking forward to see you all again next year and hopefully be able to give you the hugs that were left pending from this year’s pandemic. Our kids will never forget this 2020 Summer camp! SHALOM !!!!!!

  10. Tears in my eyes reading. You made history. You made children smile, feel alive, connected and loved. From Florida I felt your love. Congrats Blue Star. always one love❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Congratulations, Lauren, Seth, and the entire Blue Star Staff,
    You all accomplished something that very few in our country can say they have done! You provided a happy, safe experience for so many children, who will remember and treasure this summer forever, and I mean that literally. I was nervous the entire time, checking the papers and watching the news for word of any problems you might have experienced in these perilous times. I was thrilled not to have seen a thing, and that is a tribute to the leadership. No, I didn’t have a child or a grandchild at camp, just my heart. After twenty nine years of sitting in that front office watching you and the camp develop into what it is today, I feel a part of it. We all know that Rodger would be so proud of what you accomplished. Keep it up……

  12. The Kramer family feels immense gratitude for the efforts by the entire Blue Star staff for creating the most magical summer during such an uncertain time. Our children came back a little better than they left us, kinder, more aware and thankful for the experience. Seth and Lauren, your creativity is beyond compare. Thank you for maintaining the Blue Star traditions while evolving each summer for this generation of kids. Love to all!!

  13. There is no place like Blue Star!! As a camper in the 60’s there was nit a summer that went by that I didn’t love that place! Thanks for taking such good care of my grandkids Remy and Ari Royal. They had the best summer ever! All the Popkins are looking down and smiling!. Yall made them proud!
    Debbie Blass Levin

  14. To Lauren, Seth and the rest of the unstoppable, unflappable Blue Star team —

    You pulled off an incredible achievement. Thank you for dreaming big, being bold, planning with detail and giving our children an incredible month of BlueStar magic. Thank you also for role modeling for all of us what is possible with a clear vision and determination to make it happen, even when everyone says you can’t or you’re crazy. That lesson is as important to our family as the camp experience you created.

    Mazel tov, and thank you for leading the way.

  15. Thanks for giving all of us Super Session. The Gertner kids had a ball. You did it, you really pulled it off. Simply amazing.

  16. Thank you so much! I am so very proud & impressed with how this summer was handled by all involved in creating the SUPER SESSION! You really save us. Thank you! Amazing job through and through!

  17. I hope my grandchildren Sophia and Benjamin Radom will have as good experience as their Mom Lea Esquenazi and Uncle Marc Esquenazi had 25 years ago at Blue Star Camp.
    The camp site looks fantastic.
    GO Blue Star!!!!!!!!
    Fortuna Esquenazi

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