Magic on the Mountain

For our 77th season, Lauren & I want to explore what really creates that Blue Star Magic. We envision this exploration as a collective and communal effort. Along with our alumni, staff, parents and campers, let’s rediscover what the Blue Star Magic is all about. Together, we make the Magic on the Mountain!

We believe that inside of each of us, there radiates a spark. There is magic inside us all, waiting to be harnessed. So much of our good work every summer is creating a supportive environment for our campers to discover their best selves. Lauren’s grandfather and co-founder of Blue Star, Herman Popkin, used to talk about how every child has something unique within them to share with the world. The camp experience is focused on helping campers find that unique spark so that they can share it with the world. When our campers and staff share their magic with each other, the positive power of that collective magic is exponential. That positive power reminds us to interact with others from our most real and authentic selves, creating more and more kind interactions. Then we can channel that magic towards doing good and helping heal the planet.

This summer’s theme is meant to be even more interactive than in years’ past. As a whole Blue Star family, we will co-create its meaning together…on the mountain. What is YOUR definition of the Blue Star Magic?! We would love to hear from our fellow “BlueStar-iens.” Let’s make some super sweet Magic on the Mountain this summer 2024!

11 thoughts on “Magic on the Mountain

  1. Congratulations on the 77th season.

    I remember as a camper in 1960 and 1961, Lauren’s grandfather and grandmother were very involved in the camp. As an employee in the camp store and mail room, Lauren’s parents were really involved in the camp. I enjoyed the alumni reunions. Hope there is another alumni reunion in 2027…the 80th year of the camp.

    Also, Happy Passover.

  2. I attended Blue Star for 7 years. I have the best memories of those years! The storytelling at our large camp fires, the Israeli dances with Fred Berk on the tennis courts, the SHABBAT SERVICES WHEN WE CREATED THE THEMES. Our head is full of so many numerous memories!!!

  3. The magic for me, at 65 years old, is to still be able to look back over 50 years ago when I was a Senior Girl! Those many summers at Blie Star shaped my life in so many ways! I discovered my love of the outdoors and the beauty of being in nature. I’ve passed on that love to my grown children, and will hopefully have grandkids to do the same! Thank you Blue Star for that and so many more wonderful things!

  4. What made the Magic of Blue Star was the comrade of all of or fellow campers and the staff. The activities that we participated in each session. Most importantly is is the memories that we have for the rest of our lives as this is something that could never be forgotten. This is what makes coming to back to Blue Star so special.

  5. Blue Star offers children the magic of self-discovery. Away from home and given an opportunity to explore and discover not only new and challenging activities but also new friends. Living with others provides immediate and direct feedback from bunk mates and staff encouraging responsibility. Discovering one is not the center of the universe is both humbling and liberating. Camp life offers an opportunity for independence and growth in a safe, fun and beautiful natural environment. Magic!

  6. Blue Star Magic is deep unexplainable joy that never goes away. It is a warm place in our hearts that we are forever grateful for.

  7. I have always felt we have an active field that circles us daily attracting and repelling things that come our way and why we don’t all like the same things or people. I know Blue Star is one of my favorites attractions and why I returned every summer to kindke that attraction. When is the next alumni reunion?

  8. Spent my summer at blue star as a counselor , great summer,1966 please send me info on camp for my granddaughter, she is 7, also please send me info on my alumni status. Thanks

  9. Dearest Lauren and Seth,
    One of the best life decisions we made as parents was to send Liza and Samantha to Blue Star from the time they were little ones. These were the best summers of their lives, and then becoming a counselor just topped it off. This year Liza had another big reunion with her Senior Boy buddies; they are now 47 years old!! This says it all about the kind of lifelong friendships you make at Blue Star. I was so thrilled about what fabulous summers they had at camp that I decided to ask if I could work there one summer myself! And I did, for several summers, and I experienced firsthand why Blue Star was magical. It was heavenly being in the mountains, the fresh air, the beauty of seeing firsthand what a positive, loving, Jewish camp environment was all about. I quickly understood why my girls counted the days until the next summer began.
    To this very day their best friends have been their best friends since1986.
    I know how very proud Rodger would be to see where Blue Star is today, thanks to your amazing, competent and passionate leadership!
    Thank you for keeping the Blue Star magic alive and well. This video brought back the fondest summer memories and I am so gratified to see all that Blue Star has come! Keep up your great leadership!
    With much love,
    Phyllis Roberts

  10. I’ve enjoyed writing about my CBS Life and always look forward to another opportunity to do so. (I adore seeing comments and familiar names!) That Life has been—outside of the influence of my parents—the most impactful part of my daily life. It has shaped my childhood and adult years and continues to be at the very forefront of my Happy Space. It is my Comfort Zone. My Dearest, Lifelong Friends are my Camp Blue Star Sisters snd Brothers whom I see regularly. It formed my religious life as well. I will be Forever Grateful to my mom and dad for investing in my experience at Blue Star and to Camp as well for enriching my life So Indescribably and contributing to who I am today.
    Sherry Verkauf Friedlander
    Youngest CBS Camper!

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