GREEN Spring 2024

What’s NEW in 2024?!

Let’s make some MAGIC on the Mountain at Blue Star this summer 2024! Along with our leadership team, Lauren & I have been busy at work all year cooking up a magical summer. Plowing ahead with our summer planning has eased our own campsickness. Now that it’s springtime, we wanted to share a sneak preview of What’s NEW in 2024…

Most importantly, Lauren & I are so excited to announce our latest project as part of our GREEN eco-mission. Installed on top of our HeRo amphitheater are over 100 solar panels. These solar panels will allow us to power the central part of camp, including our heated pool, Rec Hall, and more key spaces. During the summer, our Green Team, led by Teen Village campers, will be sharing updates with our camp community about how much solar energy we are using and the positive impact on the environment. This will be a tangible way for our camp community to practice being kind to the planet!

Now for the updates you all have been waiting for…drum roll please! To keep innovating with our programming, we are adding a brand new mountain biking trail that will be for all riding levels (most campers, of all ages, who choose mountain biking this summer will be able to experience this brand new trail with sweet twists & turns and a new bridge component). This is just the opening phase of our larger plan to rebuild our entire mountain biking trail network. On top of that, we will be introducing a new official Blue Star option in Flag Football. Not only is flag football now the pinnacle of the NFL’s Pro Bowl weekend and a future Summer Olympics sport, but it also is about to kick off at Blue Star on our three full size athletic fields. And for our campers to enjoy when they experience their overnight camping trip, we have built a brand new camp site (now we have three brand new camp sites on property with more still to come). After building a campfire, cooking a delicious dinner with special sauce, and sharing stories while eating s’mores, more campers will get to sleep even more comfortably in another new camp site. And did we mention even more additions to our Waterfront Inflatable Park?! Boom.

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  1. The AMAIZNG BSC team does it again… LOVE the Green innovation and ECO focus. The bike trail and flag sounds amazing. Rachel was QB in high school… and David can throw, as well.. THIS IS AWESOME!!!

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