Frequently Asked Questions

At Blue Star we take a very personal approach in our relationship with each camper and family. We know choosing the right camp is a big decision and gathering information is an important part of the process. It is our goal to answer all your questions and help you make the best choice for your child. We encourage you to call or email us at with any questions or concerns you may have.

In the meantime, here are answers to several frequently asked questions parents have about Blue Star.

What is the Blue Star Magic?
“Blue Star Magic” the feeling you get when you become part of the Blue Star family. It happens at camp when you are given the opportunity to discover your best self, try new and exciting activities, make friendships to last a lifetime, and more! Blue Star Magic is easier to experience than to describe, but you will know it when you see it and feel it!
How big is Blue Star?
Blue Star is made up of six smaller divisions that group campers based on their grade and gender. Each camp has its own leadership team, area on our campus and a different daily schedule. All of the individual groups come together for big camp-wide events during the week such as carnivals, songfests, performances, and friendship services. At Blue Star, you get the best of both worlds because you get to experience being part of a big camp with an individualized focus.
Will campers be able to see friends or family members in other camps?
Chances are campers will bump into brothers, sisters, cousins or friends who are in different camps just walking around campus, before or after meals, and at camp-wide events. They can also visit each other during twilight hour (free time) and send them in-camp mail.
What is a typical day like at Blue Star?
During a regular day at Blue Star, campers will go to two elective or “Options” activities. We have over thirty different “Blue Star Options” to choose from including pottery, rock climbing, white water kayaking, mountain bikes, archery, fine arts, photography, cooking and many more. View a full list of the “Blue Star Options”» Campers can choose which options they want to participate in and will attend options with other campers in their age group giving them a chance to meet friends outside of their cabin group.The rest of the day consists of an individual camp activity, athletics, swimming, meals, shower time, rest hour, and one hour of “twilight” (better known as camper free time). Other activities Blue Star offers are private horseback and tennis lessons, waterskiing lessons, hiking and swimming at the nearby waterfalls in DuPont State Forest, and an expedition to the top of Mt. Pinnacle, the area’s highest mountain. Campers who take mountain biking, rock climbing, or canoe/kayaking option often have the opportunity to test out their skills on the nearby trails, rivers and mountains.

Each day ends with an awesome evening program such as an ice-cream pool party, paint tag,or a scavenger hunt. No two evening programs are alike, so campers can expect to do something different every night of the week!

Does Blue Star have any Special Days?

Yes! There is at least one special day per week at Blue Star. Special days may include camp-wide events such as a carnival with booths, rides, cotton-candy, and a dunk tank. We will also have Color War and Maccabiah (one in each session), which are camp-wide competition days. We have a talent show, Zimriah (songfest), camp spirit day, and lots more exciting events planned each summer!

Each camp also has day trips where campers will visit a nearby attraction or have their “overnight” campout at camp.

What is Shabbat like at Blue Star?
We welcome Shabbat with a traditional meal in the dining hall, and then campers will attend a service in our beautiful Elmore Solomon Chapel on Friday night and Saturday morning. All services are camper-led and guided by a song leader, so campers will have the opportunity to volunteer to lead a portion of the service. Shabbat services are a time to reflect on the camp experience and for campers to enjoy a relaxed schedule. Shabbat Saturdays at Blue Star will include a brunch, beach party and the holiday will culminate with a camp-wide Havdallah service and song session.
Who are the staff at Blue Star?
In order to give campers the best activity instruction and the most personal attention, we have two sets of staff at Blue Star. Activity Specialists teach campers everything they know about their areas of expertise and help campers to reach their goals, be it kayaking in white water or hitting the bull’s eye at archery. Counselors live in the cabins and go to activities with campers. Their job is to make sure that campers are safe, healthy and enjoying their camp experience. All of the staff at camp will be there to support campers in any way they can!
What is the food like at camp?

Blue Star’s food is delicious and nutritious! We make sure to keep kids in mind when planning our summer menu, so there are always options and choices available at each meal. Breakfasts will include a hot entrée, fresh fruit, a cereal bar, yogurt and more. Lunches and dinners will also have a hot entrée along with a salad bar, pasta bar, and sandwich bar so every camper can find something they like at every meal.

Snacks are served in between each meal, and campers can enjoy juice and cookies before lights out each night.

Can Blue Star accommodate campers’ special diet needs?
Yes, Blue Star can accommodate special dietary needs including food allergies, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-intolerant, lactose-intolerant, and nut allergies. Blue Star is a nut-aware and Kosher facility. If campers require specific food considerations, please let us know.
How does mail work at camp?
Campers can write and mail letters home as often as they would like, but are required to send letters home at least once a week. Family at home can mail letters and send one-way emails (additional charges apply) to campers each day (except Shabbat). Enrolled families will receive information in the spring about how to send one-way emails to their campers through the online CampInTouch portal.
Are campers allowed to receive packages while they are at camp?
Campers can receive packages if they are celebrating their birthday or staying on camp over Visitor’s Weekend for the full summer. They can also receive any essential items they may have forgotten at home. You can feel free to contact our office if you need to send an item to your camper.
What ways can you communicate with camp and be a part of the camp experience?

Other than mailing your camper, there are many ways that you can be “in the know” with what’s going on camp. You can access daily photos and news by downloading the Campanion app. Don’t forget to set-up push notifications to stay as up-to-date as possible! Your CampInTouch account will also provide access to pictures uploaded frequently by our camp photographers and a newsfeed about the camp day. You will also receive weekly emails with an update on activities for your camper’s age group and a weekly video to recap the previous week at camp. Parents of first time campers will receive a report on their camper after the first week of camp. As always, we welcome your phone calls to answer any questions you may have! Our camp office is open from 8:30am until 9pm.

You can also be in touch with our Business Office, Health Center, and Transportation Directors by using our contact page.