Teen Village

Leadership & Community

Rising 10th & 11th Grade Boys and Girls

(up to 7 campers with one counselor over the age of 21)

Teen Villagers build a strong, caring, camper-led community on the foundations of friendship and leadership. As our oldest campers, they serve as role models to our younger camps and volunteer their service both in our Jewish camp and in the local Hendersonville community. They design certain aspects of their summer and are able to invest substantial time honing favorite camp skills. Our most extensive, challenging trips (rafting class IV/V water on the Ocoee River, 3 day trip to Charleston or Savannah, etc.) are offered in the Teen Village camp. Teen Village counselors are older (over 21) and help our campers to express their individuality, develop leadership skills and have what all “villagers” refer to as “their best Blue Star summer yet.”