Being a Teen Village Counselor At Blue Star

Written by Teen Village Counselor, Skyler Stone

During my last year as a camper at Blue Star, I realized the importance and impact the counselors had on my life. Over the years I remember the things they taught me and showed me. I became a counselor to repay that feeling to the campers fortunate enough to come to Blue Star. It wasn’t until I got to help a camper deal with a social dynamics problem that I realized the real role we counselors have on a camper’s life.

We help set young people’s moral compass! The teen villagers are at the age where you can talk to them like adults and explain complex concepts about life. This makes the connection between the counselors and campers almost closer than an older sibling. The biggest thing about camp for me is showing them the proper way to look at specific situations and how to handle them, teaching them right from wrong. As older counselors we are able to share our life lessons and truths we’ve learned with the campers. It’s easier for us to find the words that need to be said, to be more thoughtful. When we have these moments with our campers it is a learning experience for them as well as us.

Helping each other grow, it will always be one of the most powerful and positive things I have ever experienced. If I have the ability every day to help instill a positive value in the mind and heart of a camper and support them in refining their moral compass, I see that as a successful day at camp. I feel grateful every day at camp to be doing the good work; I love what I do!

7 thoughts on “Being a Teen Village Counselor At Blue Star

  1. This is so true and a big reason why I send my kids to Camp Blue Star! Thank you for paying it forward. I hope my children decide to do the same!

  2. This is so beautifully written. Thank you Skyler for being the type of man that our world needs so much more of. Skylar has spoken so highly of you over the intersession and TV trips. We are hopeful that you will be back next year when her sister is in TV too. Have a great year…

  3. My daughter, Emma Zelkowitz, has cherished every moment at Blue Star. She especially loves the counselors who have been her rocks, her sounding boards, her confidants. She treasures all of them and I know her heart is breaking because this is her last year as a camper. She has told me numerous times that she would love to be a counselor when she is able to. Thank you

  4. Thank you Skyler for all of your efforts. Your guidance and inspiration are perfect to wind up Ryan’s 10th year at Blue Star. You have made his last year as a Blue Star camper special! Thank you.

  5. Great words and insight, Skyler! I think you’re spot on: when we take the time to impart wisdom to the youth, the same wisdom takes a deeper residency in our own hearts. You’re doing good things, brother.

  6. Skylar-you are an amazing person and our family feels so fortunate to have met you and that Griffin has had the opportunity to spend this summer in Teen Village with you. Blue Star needs role models like you. Thank you for paying it forward for our kids!!!

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