The Philosophy of Blue Star, A Jewish Summer Camp For Boys and Girls

A Supportive Camp Community

Connection, friendship, and discovery are at the heart of every Blue Star summer!

Our caring camp community is devoted to enriching the lives of children by offering both a fun and meaningful Jewish camp experience. Supportive and dedicated staff members guide campers to embrace challenges, make new friends and experience all of the exciting possibilities a Blue Star summer provides. Cabin counselors encourage independence and teach campers to be good friends to others. Talented specialists inspire campers to pursue new interests and develop their skills and confidence.

Blue Star is a warm and nurturing "home away from home" where campers connect with each other and their Jewish roots. We value all of our campers for the special contribution they make to our camp, just by being themselves. We believe that the happiness, sense of belonging, and belief that they can positively affect the world around them resonates with Blue Star campers throughout their lives.

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