The Blue Star Summer Jewish Camp Program

Roots and Wings

We provide children with two of the most essential developmental assets, "roots and wings." A strong sense of identity, coupled with the confidence to be open to new experiences, is a winning combination for developing healthy, secure young people.

Strengthening Our Roots

Jewish Summer Camp Program

Roots connect children to their families, history and traditions. Our tight-knit Jewish camp community provides campers opportunities to learn about their shared identity and culture. Reinforcing positive Jewish values, and assisting campers in developing a strong sense of self, are key elements of the Blue Star experience. At Blue Star, children not only contemplate who they are, but also contemplate who they can be.

Spreading Our Wings

Every day at camp is a learning, growing and confidence building experience. Blue Star creates a safe space for campers to "test out their wings" by providing them with opportunities to try new activities and take on challenges. We assist campers in exploring undiscovered aspects of themselves and developing the courage to approach life with an open heart and a sense of adventure.

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