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Dear Blue Star Family,

When our family reflects on its sixty-eight seasons creating summer magic, it is always with a clear understanding that we are today's caretakers for a unique tradition and legacy. Beginning in 1948, Blue Star aspired to become more than just a great summer vacation for Jewish children. Our ambitions for Blue Star were then as they are now, "A Summer Camping Adventure with a Purpose."

That combination of adventure and purpose help make Blue Star an extraordinary camp experience for young people. These ingredients are part of our recipe for "summer magic"—a magic that lives in each person and moment at Blue Star. This magic is embedded in our counselors who care for campers and help them strengthen friendships, in the variety and scope of activities we offer, and in the talented, sensitive professionals who teach our campers with care and encouragement. At Blue Star, we guide campers to honor their roots and spread their wings. To be young, joyful, and safe at camp is a gift that parents know will last forever.

Blue Star’s Jewish camp roots guide campers in defining their values and refining their choices. Not only on Shabbat, but every day, Blue Star campers engage in "Living Judaism." Jewish rituals and observances, combined with social action, enable our camp to make the world a better place. This is the way our campers discover how to live with kindness, generosity, and a genuine interest and concern for life.

We look forward to sharing more of the Blue Star story with you and hope that your family will be joining us for our upcoming season.

Rodger and Candy Popkin Jason Popkin Seth and Lauren Herschthal

(828) 692-3591 (954) 963-4494